Vagabond Press Kit

Fact Sheet


In Vagabond, you will have the opportunity to explore vast procedurally generated worlds and meet their numerous inhabitants. You start in the middle of nowhere with no memories or possessions. It’s up to you to forge your destiny, become a famous treasure hunter by searching dangerous dungeons, the best blacksmith in the whole country or a benefactor by helping the villagers who need you. Who will you become?

Blending elements of traditional role-playing games with the freedom of sandbox-style games, Vagabond is a unique experience. Moreover, you can share your adventures with your friends as Vagabond was designed from the ground to support multiplayer.


The Developer

Vagabond is being created by Pierre Vigier, a developer based in the countryside of France. He began work on Vagabond in 2019 and is fond of procedural generation and artificial intelligence.




Zip File

This zip contains all of the assets listed on this page.