Current Features

Vagabond is a 2D roguelite RPG:

  • Create and customize your character
  • Explore living procedurally generated open worlds:
    • travel across many different biomes,
    • visit unique cities,
    • meet hundreds of NPC,
    • fight monsters in dungeons,
    • loot magic items,
    • etc.
  • Share your adventures with your friend with networked multiplayer (through LAN or the Internet)

Active Development

Be careful, Vagabond is currently under active development and many important features are missing such as professions, quests, guilds, magic or houses. See the roadmap for a more complete list of planned features.

If you are looking for a finished game experience, you better come back in a few months!

However, if you are not afraid with an unpolished game then Vagabond is already available with a special offer.

Players can join the community, give feedback, discuss ideas, and help shape the future of Vagabond.

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