Hello everyone,

I am thrilled to release the version alpha 2 of Vagabond. It fixes many issues and bugs from alpha 1. I thank you for all the feedback you gave me, it was precious! This version also brings several important features such as chopping trees, mining ores, crafting tools and weapons, and many smaller features that I let you discover. ;) If you want to read a more exhaustive list of changes, you can find the changelog at the end of this post.

If you have already played to the previous version, you will need to manually delete your saves which are located in “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Vagabond” on Windows and in “~/.local/share/Vagabond” on Linux. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

The next update, alpha 3, is to be expected in May, it will add housing and farming features. Players will be able to own a house, and of course they will also be able to craft objects and furnitures to furnish their home. But they will also be able to place objects in the rest of the world. In particular, they will be able to plant seeds in the soil to grow plants. I can’t wait to be in May! :)

One recurrent remark was about the controls: you want to be able to use the keyboard to move your character. I heard you, I started to work on this. It was not ready for alpha 2 but I hope to be able to finish revamping the controls for alpha 3.

See you next time for more!



  • Add a proper CREDITS.txt and use AUTHORS.txt for the credits screen
  • Add README.txt
  • Add version number in saves: you MUST destroy your previous saves before launching alpha 2

Bug fixes

  • Use SDL2 to manage the window (It should prevent crashes when switching to fullscreen)
  • Segfault when throwing an item from a container
  • City generator seldom failed to connect buildings with roads
  • Fix an issue when starting a conversation at the moment a NPC uses a door
  • Character attributes were not updated correctly when a weapon was unequipped
  • Items cannot be taken twice


  • Monsters can’t see through walls anymore
  • Monsters stop attacking when their target is dead


  • Change the floors of caves
  • Dungeon entrances can no longer appear on roads
  • Add ore veins in dungeons
  • More caves and mines in the world


  • Players move faster on roads
  • Trees can be chopped
  • Ore veins can be mined
  • The forge and anvil can be used to craft items
  • Mushrooms can be picked
  • Food can be consumed to refill the hunger bar
  • Players suffer damages when the hunger bar is empty
  • Some monsters give pieces of meat
  • Some NPC can teach new recipes to the player


  • Add shadow under characters


  • Intensity of torches and lanterns is now varying
  • The player’s sprite no longer lights other objects from behind anymore


  • Add “thrust” weapons: spear and shovel
  • Add “smash” weapons: axe and pickaxe
  • Add “shoot” weapons: bow


  • Add a proper forge


  • Ambience effects now depends on time


  • Key commands now work even if a window has focus
  • The inventory is opened automatically when a container or the merchant window is opened
  • Improve the behavior on right click on an item
  • Add a button to generate random names in character creation screen
  • Fix some road artifacts on the map
  • Display version number on the main menu
  • Items are not shown in their source slot when dragged
  • Toolbar to quickly change tools
  • The player position is shown on the map

World generation

  • Fix issues with road connections
  • Add French and Old Norse names