Hello everyone,

I am very happy to release the version alpha 3 of Vagabond. There are a lot of new features and I invite you to follow me for a quick tour.

If you find any issue or you want to share your feedback, you can send me a message on Discord, Twitter or by mail. I would be really happy to read you. The game has already been improved so much thanks to your feedback!

Craft Shops

You will find two new shops in cities: the tailor shop and the carpenter workshop.

Craft shops

In tailor shops, you will find three new crafting objects to create materials and clothes: the spinning wheel, the wheel and the sewing table.

In carpenter workshops, you will be able to use the workbench to create pieces of furniture for your house.


By the way, you will be able to own houses.

Look for houses with a sign in front of them. Then gather enough gold, choose a name for your new home and the house is yours!

The next step will be to meet the carpenter to create some pieces of furniture to decorate your house.


This version also lays the first brick of the farming system. You can use a shovel to prepare the soil to host crops.

You will find seeds at the innkeeper, then plant them on a dug soil and wait the crop has finished growing before harvesting.


I work hard on the lighting system to fix several issues that were present in the previous versions.

Lighting 1

Height of objects is now taking into account in the lighting computations. I will write a post on my development blog if you are interesting by the inner workings of the lighting system.

Lighting 2


It was highly requested. I finally reworked the controls: the keyboard is now used to move the character.

Moreover, the game now partially supports game controllers. It works everywhere except in user interfaces. I will finish that for the next version.

Have a look in the options, you can change everything to your likings.


The merchant UI has been completely reworked. It is simpler to use with a tab to buy and a tab to sell.

Merchant UI

When you start a new game, the map is now completely empty. It will be filled when you explore the world. It is currently not clear what parts of the part has been explored or not. I will improved that in the next version.


Village Decorations

The last feature I will present is that you will find some decorations around houses. It is not a big deal but it makes cities nicer.

Before: City before

After: City after

Next Version

Let me tease you the major features to expect in the version alpha 4.

The big feature of the alpha 4 will be quests. I am impatient to work on this as it will make the game much more interesting. To support the quests I will also add new locations in the world.

In addition, I will continue to work on the farming system. In particular, there will be farming animals. And we will be able to use all the obtained ingredients to cook meals.

Finally, I also want to add support for translations and to continue to work on the lighting system to support shadows.

I plan to release the version alpha 4 at the end of summer.

See you next time for more!