Hello everyone,

Here is the first big update after the Early Access release!

First, a huge thank you to all of you for playing the game and giving me so much feedback! It was awesome!

There is no major content addition in this update, it’s mostly bugfixes and quality of life features.

Save Migration

Normally, you will still be able to enter your old worlds. When you will enter the worlds for the first time in the new version, you will see a special screen that will show the progress of the migration process.

Save Migration

If you face any issue, please send me the save files of your world and I will fix it as soon as possible.

There is no major content addition in this version so you won’t gain much by creating a new world. This won’t be the case with the next updates. To mitigate this, you will be able to play with your characters in new worlds.

Quest Board

In new worlds, in the the market places, there will be a quest board that will list all the quests given by the villagers. The UI is quite simple for now but it gets the job done. If you have any suggestion feel free!

Quest Board

Quest Journal

I started to rework the quest journal. Now when you ask a villager about a quest, all the info will be recorded in your quest journal. It won’t be necessary to get back to the characters to ask them again.

Quest Journal

I also plan to better display the goals to achieve to complete the quests. But there are some subtleties that prevent me from doing that easily so I will do that later on.


The beds are no longer useless! They can now be used to skip the night, to set your spawn point and to restore your health if you sleep during the night.


For now, it works with any bed. In the future, it will only work in beds that you own.

Character Window

The “Character” tab of the Character window has been reworked to show all your stats.

Character Stats

Other Changes

  • Bugfix: no longer possible to consume an item without purchasing it
  • Bugfix: remove the buy/sell loop to level up Speech
  • Bugfix: sound issue when digging an area by keeping the right mouse button pressed
  • Bugfix: the quests that require a certain skill level now complete correctly if you already have the necessary level
  • Bugfix: there is no longer weird non-diggable tiles in the desert biome in new worlds
  • Bugfix: lighting issues on certain ruin walls
  • Add support for floating point zoom factors
  • Add tooltip on tabs in the Inventory window
  • Add support for restoring the soil using the pickaxe
  • Remove the wishlist button
  • Add a command to take all the items in a container (‘F’ by default)
  • Add a command to quicksave (‘F5’ by default)
  • Add a button in the in-game menu to quicksave
  • Add support for borderless window fullscreen mode
  • Nails can be crafted with any ingot
  • Easier to level up Smithing, Tailoring, Enchanting, Staff Carving, Gathering, Speech and Sneak
  • Add a recipe to craft coal ores from wood logs (only available in new worlds)
  • Add an option to hide the helmet in the Inventory window
  • Add support for the right mouse button on the Map window to switch between local/global mode
  • Add support for resizing the Map window
  • Display the current location name in the Map window
  • Add the missing Staff Enchanter and Enchanting Table recipes (only available in new worlds)
  • Monsters and items linked to a quest are now spawned after the quest has been accepted
  • Move the abandon button in the Quest Journal window to avoid accidentally clicking it
  • Add an option to enable PvP in the “Server” tab
  • Remove the corpse marker on the map if the corpse has been found
  • Reduce the volume of some beast sounds (especially the chicken one)

What’s Next?

I had too much feedback after the release and didn’t have the time to work on everything. Here are some things I plan to work on soon:

  • Difficulty modes
  • New Ingredient and Quest items tab in the Inventory window
  • Display what “Interact Nearest” would do
  • A safe mode to avoid accidently attacking the villagers
  • Allow to harvest a field of crops by keeping the button pressed
  • Different sizes for the UI with bigger texts
  • Allowing to remove/move stumps and bushes
  • Custom map markers
  • Salvaging to get elemental motes from enchanted items
  • Few bugs that still need to be fixed

Moreover, the next update will bring new content. I will work on dungeons as according to the poll made on the Discord server, it is the update you are the more interested in. So expect new and better dungeons, new quests, new and improved monsters, and improved combats!

This will take some time to implement, probably about three months. So don’t worry if you don’t see any major update before end of September/beginning of October. I’m working hard on it! ;)

If you face any issue or have any feedback, feel free to come on the Steam forum, the Discord server or send me an email.

Have a good day!