Hello everyone,

This new version brings world/character separation and controller support.

Controller Support

We can now choose the attack direction which is shown with a little arrow using the controller stick. Attacking in the direction of the mouse was added as an option in a previous update, now it is the default option.

Controller Aim

This little feature was necessary so I could start reworking the combat.

In controller mode, you can now see what the next action will be if you press the “Interact” button.

Controller Pointer

Finally, the controller is fully supported in all the user interfaces. This was a huge amount of work. This isn’t perfect yet, but I will continue to refine it.

World/Character Separation

In this new version, characters and worlds are separated. You can use a same character in different worlds. When updates will bring new content, you will be able to keep your character progression, and try the new features in new worlds.

Character Selection

Other Changes

  • Bugfix: characters are displayed correctly on the bed
  • Running is as discreet as walking in sneaking mode

What’s Next?

I spent months working on the next Dungeon update. The underlying technology (mainly Graph Grammars) is ready. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to add all the new content that will use it. So the next update will bring the new dungeons and the reworked combat system.

I also started working on a larger UI. I won’t release it in the next update as I need to focus on the dungeons, and I’m completely exhausted from working on the user interface. But this is coming.

Finally, there are still some QoL features that need to be implemented, and I will try to do that as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

If you face any issue or have any feedback, feel free to come on the Steam forum, the Discord server or send me an email.

Have a good day!